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User Info: megamanzero1000

4 years ago#11
TwoShensGG posted...
I get hydra, bork, then build tank.

But then again I'm bad.

Exactly what I do, I see no reason to build him different.

User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#12
TwoShensGG posted...
I get hydra, bork, then build tank.

But then again I'm bad.

I find this is one of the most efficient build for Aatrox. BoRK makes up for any loss of AS from his Passive and gives him speed steal and tank-busting ability. Hydra gives him the damage and AoE for teamfights and pushing that he enjoys. Both give him a pretty high amount of lifesteal that works with his W.

Adding Last Whisper is the only change I tend to make to the build. Aatrox benefits extremely heavily from LW.

User Info: AmatuerGenius

4 years ago#13
Well it seems Aatrox isn't a tank so I learned something from this topic :D
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User Info: Frewsa

4 years ago#14
Boots (situational)
Zephyr / Spirit Visage / BT / Mallet

*Order may vary

But then again, I'm bad.
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User Info: PraetorianGhost

4 years ago#15
I find that a bloodthirster is much better than BotRK unless you are going to be fighting a team of pure beeftanks.

My normal build goes
giant's belt/red gobstopper
Randuins Omen/SV
Randuins Omen/SV
Black Cleaver/GA
and boots of some kind in there.
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