On a ADC Ez, how important is a Trinity Force?

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  3. On a ADC Ez, how important is a Trinity Force?

User Info: Coop14

4 years ago#1
I assume if the enemy team is high on AD I should get a TF? Or not at all?

I really am not crazy about the Blue Build.

AD build should be something like...

Berserkers Greaves
(Trinity force?)/(Iceborne?)
Last Whisper
Infinity Edge
Then inevitable defense item like GA?

Is this right?

Trying to find the most solid build.

Just want to get better. Thanks guys!
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User Info: gfshynobl

4 years ago#2
just copy builds from their.
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User Info: HighUlitma

4 years ago#3
Berzerker's Greaves
Last Whisper
Infinity Edge
Defensive item

This is how I would path that build. I get Bloodthirster first because spellblade applies lifesteal to itself IIRC.
Last Whisper is next because people will have armor when you've finished BT and Triforce.

I like to get Infinity Edge over the defensive item so that I deal more damage (like a marksman should be doing), but you could opt for your defensive item if you are getting focused down.

I will also state that this build is optimal when fed or in a team comp around poke.
You will also lose out on attack speed, meaning the marksman with phantom dancer late game will beat you in a straight 1v1. Just poke them down with Q or get someone to stun them so you can get them before they get you.
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User Info: ERLiNo

4 years ago#4
gfshynobl posted...
just copy builds from their.

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User Info: Kirbix

4 years ago#5
You don't build TF. This isn't season 2

Iceborne gauntlet is a much better sheen investment. Even if you build straight ADC apart from that (IE/PD/LW, or something), gauntlet is always a good buy
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User Info: LordClyde

4 years ago#6
gfshynobl posted...
just copy builds from their.

Yeah, no.. All of these builds are blue Ezreal.. and every time I see pro players playing blue Ezreal on stream, they're always *****ing about how much he sucks.

User Info: jumpy

4 years ago#7
i build ez like I build every other adc: for max AA damage

that means IE/PD/LW/BT or botrk/defensive

i play him like any other AD except he has AA resets on almost every ability, meaning he can crit several times where other carries would only crit once or twice, and a free flash.

I usually stomp enemy ezreals when they build blue
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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#8
BT > TF > Zerks > LW > Defensive > IE/Zephyr
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#9
TF sux if you want a sheen item get IBG. CDR+Sheen/Slow+Armor=good stuff, even on traditional ADC Ez.
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User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#10
Destiny isn't a pro league player o.o high elo sure. but not pro XD
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