Who is the best 1v1 champ.

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User Info: EyEs fr0m Ab0vE

EyEs fr0m Ab0vE
4 years ago#1
Definition of best: If each champ were put up in a 1v1 deathmatch in the jungle of summoner's rift vs every other champ, who would have the highest 1v1 win rate.

Level 18
Around 13,000 gold
No comsumable items or temperary buffs from other champions
Standard builds (not specialized to defeat specific characters)
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From: Fluxeon | Posted: 4/26/2004 2:48:33 PM |

User Info: zhe_king_of_ape

4 years ago#2
LoL IGN: TheMinecrafter12
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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#3
zhe_king_of_ape posted...
I'm the best player here. The rest of you aren't as good as me-ninja1357
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User Info: leak_man

4 years ago#4
Trundle, Vayne, or Jax.

User Info: kimimaru5

4 years ago#5
POkemon_PoWeR posted...
zhe_king_of_ape posted...
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User Info: LOZLTTP

4 years ago#6
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User Info: Kirbix

4 years ago#7
Jungle? Big edge to vayne, who can use E more effectively in those closed spaces.
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User Info: _Yag_

4 years ago#8
Malz combo is pretty much impossible to survive 1v1 so assuming he was the first to land CC he would win every time.
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User Info: batman3k5

4 years ago#9

he can just kite
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User Info: random_blah

4 years ago#10
Incoming "x champ is best" followed by "but y would beat x so y is best".
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