Why is Morgana support not picked much?

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User Info: Knightlord642

4 years ago#1
She's pretty amazing with Black Shield and Snares. The ultimate serves as nice peel if you stand next to your carry, and, with good timing, you can negate all of the enemy support's CC.

User Info: AC_Dragonfire

4 years ago#2
Saw it a in the last few days. It wasn't bad. Kinda like lux/zyra support I guess.

User Info: thecrazyfrog

4 years ago#3
Ward her brush and keep her Q minion blocked. Poke away. I find her quite easy to deal with... but there are all sorts of matchups.

User Info: ShineGreymon

4 years ago#4
She has a glass jaw and since you can't really build Zhonyas or RoA as support it makes it even more difficult.
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User Info: KajeI

4 years ago#5
No idea. It can really wreck if you know what you're doing. Most games support with Morg i end up out-sustaining my ADC and only back because i wanna spend my gold (or died, xD). As long as you don't spam out shields and W's constantly and don't take stupid shots with Q a lot you oughta be fine.

Before she has ult she won't be able to all in very well, so you have to rely on poking with Q and zoning with W (People are so averse to taking free damage that they'll immediately try to get off of her W, even when it's at rank 1.) Placing it behind their minions will make them move further away to their turret or towards the bushes 8 times out of 10, which sets you up for very easy Q's.

Against melee champs Morg is just... enraging to play against. Leona, Voli, Blitz, Thresh, J4 (before flag nerfs), Nunu, are incredibly easy to abuse. Pink whatever bush is gonna get more action, then if they go in it Q them over and over until they stop. Once they're scared to go into or near the bush, live in it like you're Garen and zone the ADC with W and throw Q's at them when you have a relatively clear shot.

Black shield is also complete BS (get it?). Totally invalidates most of what a support brings to a team as long as you can get the shield up in advance. Morg is the hardest counter to Leona for example because the shield eats Leo's low damage and the damage from her passive, and the lockdown on E and Q won't be able to get through the shield so whoever got engaged on can literally just walk away. The only supports i fear as Morg are Nami, Sona, and Lulu. They all have AoE ults with fantastic CC which is the only type of CC that the shield is bad against.

Once you have your ult though you can force flashes or kills no problem. In teamfights it becomes difficult, but it is possible to get good ults later. You need a distraction of some sort, typically something like a Malph who just ulted or a Zac who just dived. They'll get focused and then you can suddenly walk in and ult and watch them either split or not notice then get stunned and die.

I'd write more, but it'd end up practically being a guide so i'll save it. One more thing though. Morg is almost a guaranteed win in lane vs: Leona (E>Q does nothing and sets her up for a easy Q), Blitz/Thresh (only if you can read other players well and shield in advance), and Voli (If he Q's shield whoever is closest to him and Q him if he tries to go in), and has a substantial advantage vs every other support but Sona, who is a even lane against her.

TL:DR. Q has crazy range, awesome base damage, a 3 second snare to guarantee follow up CC's, and makes melee or short ranged champs rage. People hate standing on W so much you can zone them purely with that. E makes most supports useless while it's up, but is weak to AoE hard CC if your team isn't positioned properly. Ult in lane forces flashes and kills and in teamfights is dangerous to use if you don't have someone taking up the enemies attention. Her passive makes it easy to sustain for as long as you need. And finally, Sona is the only support to have a even (or maybe even the advantage) in lane against her (in my opinion).

User Info: dley101

4 years ago#6
hmm, this makes me want to try this out.
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User Info: ryana

4 years ago#7
Because she's useless late game without the right items, and you can't get those items on a support budget. The same reason 80 other champs aren't played support.
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User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#8
Because in most cases Zyra brings the same and better to the table.

It's a matter of whether Black Shield outweighs a better root, better poke, free wards, more damage, and an excellent teamfight Ult that works after laning.
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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#9
Support Morg is pretty squishy; she doesn't get free tanky stats like Leona or Sona or Thresh and she doesn't get amazing mobility to make up for it like Janna or Lulu or Blitzcrank. Her shield is a great counter to hard engage from Leona or Blitz, but it doesn't offer much protection from harass. Combine that with Morgana's lower than average auto attack range (she's got 425, most ADC and ranged supports have 550) and it's often viable to just auto attack her in lane since she can only stop you if she has a clear line to you on a long cool down.

There's also the problem of her late game, because Morgana on a support budget is not nearly tanky enough to survive to use her ult. Even for peel, she's liable to die to accidental damage from the enemy's aoe and she won't have the AP to make her shield last beyond two spells from the enemy APC.

However, she fits the bill for a farming support. You know, the kind that gets mobos and pushes out lanes after teamfights, similar to support Lux, Nidalee, or Zyra. In a late game scenario where everyone has 6 items, her team has the advantage since she can use the gold better than the enemy's Taric can.

There is also the point that she works really well in a composition that has a lot of shields. If your team is Mid Orianna, ADC Urgot, jungle Shen, and Top Lulu, just throw your shield on Urgot first and then have everyone else pile their shields on, giving your carry magic immunity for 5 seconds. Though honestly I like that setup more with someone like Nasus and Morgana in a farming position, but that's a team comp for another day.

So basically, she works if you get lucky in blind pick or build a draft around her and outpick your opponent, but a good team that sees what you're doing is going to pick a poke comp like Ezreal/Sona and be in a really good position to destroy your bot lane...
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User Info: easymodexz

4 years ago#10
1. Short autoattack range.
2. Blockable skillshot CC.
3. Suicide ult / no $ for Zhonya.
4. High mana costs.

Zyra basically does what Morg does but 50x better. Except dat spellshield.

Lulu kind of does everything Morg does in an inverted manner.

Nami is basically better everything, except dat spellshield.
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