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Alternative to LoL Replay?

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User Info: shinoxgago

3 years ago#1
Anyone knows about alternatives to LoL Replay?

User Info: Dartkun

3 years ago#2
Not at the time, Riot is working on their replay system.
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User Info: Stalky24

3 years ago#3
You hold camera right against your screen and record.

User Info: samuricex

3 years ago#4
Sure, any screen capturing program ever.
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User Info: shinoxgago

3 years ago#5
Scree capture is what I've been using, but it isn't the same. Can't move and check everyone on the team at all times, I need to be able to study team matches :S

User Info: Suffer_Not

3 years ago#6
Riot is working on making a built in one for their client.

Seeing as how it's not actually working on the PBE yet, I would expect sometime between two patches from now and March.
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