Help a TERRIBLE vayne player.

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User Info: gkh5

4 years ago#1
So I really really suck with Vayne. And it drives me nuts because I so bad wanna be one of those slippery as **** vayne's that somehow go invisible 87 times in a teamfight and kills everything.

I don't know why I'm so bad with her. I play the other really squishy ADC's like Twitch or Ez just fine. It's not the range (which I know is ADC standard) because I can even play Sivir fine. I just can't seem to play her well for some reason. It's more so teamfights. I can lane really well with her but I just SUCK when it comes to teamfights. I'm so bad that I almost changed my name to Trashcan Vayne when they had the name change sale because all my friends I play with think its hilarious when I play vayne.

I seem to have more success with a BT rush even though I know BotRK is supposed to be way better. Mostly because I take too much damage with her and the extra lifesteal helps me mask that better than the BotRK active.

I just don't know how in the heck to teamfight with her. I've watched vids and stuff but it just doesn't sink in. Tips please?
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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#2
Have team peel
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User Info: Kythos

4 years ago#3
Don't tumble into enemy front line
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User Info: kiba312

4 years ago#4
Play her like any other ADC
don't tumble into the fight unless you want the extra damage or you know your team is going to win the fight
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#5
Learn her ranges and the enemy ranges. Don't go into a gapclosing assassin's range without backup, or if you KNOW not only is he alone but you can take him.
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User Info: Soviet_Poland

4 years ago#6
She really isn't too different than other adcs in team fights. You have to target the player with the following conditions:
1) Highest threat
2) Safest positioning

Meaning if there is a player who is a bigger threat, but is behind his entire team, you don't go after them. You go for the most immediate threat. Typically you want to stay close to anyone who can peel for you, but work under the assumption your team is too tunnel-visioned to peel for you. Save your condemns for any assassin who can easily burst you down. Likewise, it's typically a good idea to save your tumbles for defensive use as well. You're slippery when you can knock back an assassin and tumble-invis away. You're easily killable if you tumble into a team fight and blow your condemn to pin their support out of position off the get go.

Staying on a single target for silver bolt procs is important. Having the sense of knowing when it'll put you in danger is even more important.

Team fights can be tricky with Vayne because she is, all things considered, a duelist. She can nearly take anyone 1v1 (Assassins and bursty APs can be a problem), but during team fights you're heavily reliant on your team setting up properly. If your team blindly chases one out of position player, leaving the rest of their team with no one in between you and them, they'll easily take you out.

User Info: jumpy

4 years ago#7
don't rush BT. rush botrk and remember to use the active. it's too good to not rush right now

i used to have the exact same problem as you. the best piece of advice i received is that you should be tumbling. a lot. don't forget to tumble in teamfights. you can reposition every 2 seconds which is invaluable so don't waste it.

that's not to say that you should be tumbling directly into the front line, as others have already cautioned against. just that you should remember to use it pretty much as soon as it's up.

the second biggest thing that's helped me is that, in lane, you get a GIGANTIC power spike at 6. i used to hit 6, pop ult, go in, take damage, and die or have to go back from getting hit while running away. if you can R and land a condemn, don't get wishy washy; kill them
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