Pet names for champions you use.

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User Info: sk8r_ryan

4 years ago#51
Quinn: Pigeon
Fiddlesticks: Switching 'F' and 'st' out for any consonants of your choice (e.g. Riddlemicks, Biddlewicks, etc.)
Fizz: Fish f***
Hecarim: My Little Pony
Ezreal: Eazy E
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User Info: EcchiBaka

4 years ago#52
Harmful00 posted...
your mom - diz nutz

You're reported.
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User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

4 years ago#53
Rengar? There is only Stabby Tabby.
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#54
Nunu: Momma
Taric: Pappa
Old Karma: Nanny
Kog'maw: Koggles
Hecarim: Lazerpony
Lissandra: Lady Cordelia
Cho'gath: Omnomnom
Talon: Sexy
Xin Xhao: Gorgeous
Lux: Lazers Everywhere
Hemierdinger: Heimy/Heimer
Fiddlesticks: Fiddles

I'm sure there are some more...

Edit: Rengar Renren
Miss Fortune: MF
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User Info: Alchemist94

4 years ago#55
Nekky and Ranglar. And Tweetch.
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User Info: JetdaHawk

4 years ago#56
Twisted Fate: Yu Gi Oh. Because dem cards.

Xin Zhao: Win Nao

Heimerdinger: Crazy Eyes.

Thresh: Rihanna
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User Info: Alitheiaa

4 years ago#57
Pharaon24 posted...
Sona- Sonya

This one makes me cringe because some of my friends actually think that's how you pronounce her name.

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User Info: slate_junco

4 years ago#58
Soraka = Raka Flaka Flame
Lulu = Rooroo
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