NA LCS SUPER Week 9 Topic/Dicussion Part two

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User Info: DlSTURBED4282

4 years ago#61
Patoy just failed his combo and made Crumbz look bad.

User Info: batman3k5

4 years ago#62
Sexypwnstar posted...
I feel that CLG would rather lose this game so they can face TSM whom they are 4-0 against.

Anything can happen during play offs
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User Info: TheSchref

4 years ago#63
Bet they missin' Hotshot now!

User Info: Lexar_

4 years ago#64
Man, building full glass cannon when you're already behind? That just makes you an even juicier gank target. I don't know what Nien was thinking.
My fun begins where yours ends.

User Info: HeartbreakKid37

4 years ago#65
So now C9 gets the winner of Curse and Dig which should just be a free pass to the championship.
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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#66
But Dig sees it as, "We just have to be Curse and loser of (TSM/CLG) vs. Vulcun and then we make it to Worlds!"

I think they'd rather face Curse than TSM, and hope for *if trends keep up* a third CLG sweep for the Worlds slot.

User Info: genericname1234

4 years ago#67
Going back a little bit, I don't think it's entirely fair that Turtle and Regi got all the blame for the loss against Vulcan (the Karthus+TF game). The Oddone made some really bad plays near baron that cost them at least 2 teamfights.
"SR'ing is having the RNG abuse you." Deshokun
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