EUW server down?

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User Info: Martin100

3 years ago#1
My entire team just lagged out and got disconnected, and now we cannot reconnect either. Is this a known problem?
Co-op LP channel:

User Info: user_pt

3 years ago#2
Same problem here. GJ Riot.

User Info: ChyrzSlam

3 years ago#3
The fault is on Riots side, all players in the game had lag, and 3 enemies disconected without ever connecting. 4 on our side were still online but every minute I just stood still for 10 seconds

User Info: user_pt

3 years ago#4
I just logged in, I'll try to play a game.

User Info: PrizmSlash

3 years ago#5
no no its not riot.
its you guys
riots never at fault
pls guys

User Info: Black_Assassin

3 years ago#6
Better give NA some RP.
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