List of skins we need

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User Info: Barocrates

4 years ago#31
Successful Trundle

Dragonmaster Swain
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User Info: TheEvilOmega

4 years ago#32
Mariachi Mordekaiser
"You've got a real problem, alright! And a Banjo is the only answer!" -Pinkie Pie

User Info: megadude1

4 years ago#33
special forces quinn
Dat below average bad league playing ASIAN
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User Info: KK_the_Slider

4 years ago#34
Gorilla Gragas

User Info: PhoenixEgg88

4 years ago#35
I just want baker panth.
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User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#36
Amphibian Renek
Kitty Teemo
I like Gouken, Chogath, Renekton, J4, Naut
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User Info: lleck

4 years ago#37
9/11 corki
Leggo my Eigo

User Info: Game Show

Game Show
4 years ago#38
My Little Hecarim
Stay Puft Marshmallow Zac
Baker Pantheon
"When it comes to eating out, being a girl is the only way to go." - Ranma

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#39
Sonic Rammus
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-The Rev

User Info: pey_the_man

3 years ago#40
lleck posted...
9/11 corki

oh god I'm going to hell for laughing at that.
Hi mom.
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