Arcade Hecarim and Riot Blitzcrank giveaway

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User Info: F5in

4 years ago#1
I don't play this game so I figured I'd just give it to you guys

Just add me in-game to win, my IGN is: xRustySpoon

User Info: Menno035

4 years ago#2
My IGN is Menno035. Can you PM me the code? I am on EUW it would be very appreciated.



User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#3
Hi there,

Could I please get your Arcade Hecarim code? I would greatly appreciate it. I'm on EUW.

User Info: Shigeharu12

4 years ago#4
Can you pm me the blitz code? im from BR server ;/

User Info: ripper328

4 years ago#5
Could you pm me the code please? I play on the OCE server.

User Info: pakinhoz

4 years ago#6
Could you PM me or something?I'm on eune

User Info: LightKiller99

4 years ago#7
add me im good: Schmelton
GT - TunefulPegasus

User Info: le_zuppie

4 years ago#8
Anything left on EUNE?

ING : Le Zuppie

User Info: negative4

4 years ago#9
Thanks man! I got the code to work. <3 Arcade Pony!
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WE LIKE IKE! Aethering to victory.


4 years ago#10
lmao I already saw countless of other topics (all of which I've participated) in which the ign of the TC would typically be Rustyspoon XD
Chuck Norris once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King....and got one.
3ds FC: 1461-6293-8802 Name: Tap Tap AC:NL Town Name: Arcadian
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