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User Info: batman3k5

3 years ago#1
Worst elo on GameFAQs forums

User Info: Neo-Violen

3 years ago#2
Dat pirate bundle.

It's actually kinda enticing.
I'm such a misfit.

User Info: wantfastcars

3 years ago#3
Good bundles, but not personally interested in them.
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User Info: megadude1

3 years ago#4
I like the dragon bundle. But thats a hefty price for me :/
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User Info: Glockass1

3 years ago#6
Can someone post what they include? I can't see it right now.
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User Info: FvP

3 years ago#7
Ninja bashing:
Fiddle me timblers
bilgewater Kat
the bad rumble skin
priate swain
buccaneer trist

Top lane terror:
lee sin

pirate hunting:
ninja rammus
the black akali skin
shockblade zed
the red shen skin with the mask
arctic ops kennen

here be dragons:
the new shyv skin
dragon tamer lulu
jade wu
dragon hunter vayne

pool party bundle

Don't remember every name for every skin, so I just wrote what I refer them as.
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User Info: Glockass1

3 years ago#8
Oh you don't get the champs too? Won't be buying it then :/
Steam ID: Glockass1

User Info: Emi-Lemons

3 years ago#9
> Pirate bundle
> No Gangplank
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| | |

User Info: Metleon

3 years ago#10
Might get the top laners bundle. The only one I don't already own is Aatrox but I'd still be saving 244 RP. I either already have a skin or don't really want a skin for the champs I own in the other bundles so I don't think I'll get any of those.
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