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TSM vs. SKT round 2, what did we learned...

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User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#1
well, it should be pretty obvious.
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User Info: LookItsABuoy

4 years ago#2
Using all ur CDs and then leaving is not a good plan.
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User Info: ChrroMan91

4 years ago#3
Regi needs to retire
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#4
pull the trigger, so to speak
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User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#5
Being a punk when you are ahead loses the game.

Pro players like a fair fight... they will let their opponent to take a tower THEN 1 vs 1 them. >.>
Never forget.... Building #7

User Info: xSighx

4 years ago#6
you shouldn't fight a fed jax when he's 4 levels higher than you (regi lv13 impact lv17 IIRC)

User Info: JiminyTheDingo

4 years ago#7
If you have a teamfight comp, you shouldn't be afraid to teamfight.
The''s taunting me! O_o
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User Info: pizzadog

4 years ago#8
don't be a pansy
north poICE

User Info: EscaSyra

4 years ago#9
TSM does horrible at teamfighting good teams even if they're ahead. C9 is our only hope.
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User Info: _Happy_Sack_

4 years ago#10
Go big or go home, running away with your tail tucked between your legs accomplishes nothing.
You are now blinking and breathing manually.
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