Every time I lane..

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User Info: edubs

4 years ago#1
I get camped, no matter what lane it is. I have no idea why, it just happens. I main jungle and if i see a match up in the opposing teams favor, I camp it. If a lux buys mejais, I camp the crap outta them (happened in my last 2 ranked games where lux got mejais and snowballed even tho I asked 2-3 times for help). But god forbid I ask for a gank as mid or top and then get blamed for a loss after being camped and asking for help. How do you get help form a jungler if you get behind? Its not like I push very far, but the one time I get slightly past the halfway point in the lane, the jungler is up my a** and I die...

Before you say wards op, I do buy wards as mid, but sometimes you are in lane for more than 3 minutes and they run out and buying 4 wards at a time sets you way back. Gold 4 in case you wondered
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User Info: HagenEx

4 years ago#2
Hug the turret and pray the other lanes get ahead. Junglers got worse during S3 it seems. Most of them just gank whatever is close after their buff routes (which means top/bot are ganked more than mid) instead of helping losing lanes.

And this happens from Bronze to Gold, even Platinum.

User Info: MegaSTV

4 years ago#3
If you're overly aggressive or if you never buy wards, I will camp your lane.
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