C/D: Piglet and Faker are the best in the championship at their respective roles

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User Info: Bubba1989

3 years ago#1
But their top and support hold SKT back from being best team ever - Results (134 votes)
No, there's a better mid
3.73% (5 votes)
No, there's a better ADC
66.42% (89 votes)
No, both are outclassed by other teams
10.45% (14 votes)
Yes, but the rest of their team is also #1
8.96% (12 votes)
Yes, and the rest of their team holds them back a bit
10.45% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
IMO, Faker is easily the best mid and Piglet is strong in the running for best ADC, and SKT T1's jungler is great (not absolute top), but their top and support are just above average (still chamionship level).

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User Info: PrizmSlash

3 years ago#2
Faker best mid. Uzii probably best ADC, have to see how he does vs Fnatic.

User Info: Snaxamillion23

3 years ago#3
People do this s*** after every match

"The team that just won has the best X in the world"

The only one with an argument is Faker.
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3 years ago#4
Faker is the best player in the world period, Idk if Piglet is the best ADC.
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User Info: g-cube_masta

3 years ago#5
didn't vote

xpeke could be better than faker, I want to see that match up head to head

uzi is better than piglet, as much as I love piglet you can't deny that.

User Info: HagenEx

3 years ago#6
Faker is the best mid, yes.

Uzi and even Genja > Piglet IMO.

User Info: hpdeskjet920c

3 years ago#7
Hard to say because Faker and Uzi both do well due to their teams building around their strengths. Would Piglet do as well as Uzi if the team centered around him? Who knows? Piglet does certainly do well despite not being the central focus and he rarely loses lane. He consistently beat Ryu this series.
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User Info: DiplomacySC

3 years ago#8
Piglet vs Uzi isn't even close.

User Info: Game Show

Game Show
3 years ago#9
Uzi is on another level compared to Piglet

I thought Cool matched up really well against Faker, kind of a shame OMG was knocked out. Xpeke is also up there. Even though I want Royal to win, I wouldn't mind seeing him vs Faker
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User Info: Taijouroukun

3 years ago#10
i'm surprise no one say there's a better mid. i mean, of course faker is the best, but i thought there's at least someone trolling or something and voted there's another mid better. but nope, right now, zero vote for there being a better mid than faker.
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