Champion and skin sale: 10.04 - 10.07

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User Info: Kirbix

3 years ago#31
Boring AF

Who plays Maokai, fiora or kog
Signatures that consist of quotes are bizarre- you could falsify a quote and no one would know.-Jesus

User Info: lightdragoon88

3 years ago#32
earthmaster3 posted...

I'm considering these two, but I actually really really want Headmistress Fiora.

What are the chances of her coming back later in the month on a scale of 1 to 10?

They were put in the Legacy Skin Vault and they still appear in the store so I say.......9
My favorite League of Legend Champion:

User Info: viajarv

3 years ago#33
wantfastcars posted...
Still waiting for Wicked Lulu...

you and me both, purple

User Info: Glockass1

3 years ago#34
The sale isn't up in EUNE for some reason -_-
Steam ID: Glockass1

User Info: l33t_ninj4_1337

3 years ago#35
GameEnforcer posted...
Neo-Violen posted...
I am fully aware that my username is stupid.
In my defense, I made it when I was 14. I, too, was pretty stupid back then.
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