Vayne range nerf may be coming

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User Info: shingo fan

shingo fan
4 years ago#21
UnderwaterAir posted...
It's pretty much a given fact that Riot balance team is composed of monkeys throwing feces at each other and randomly spouting off bronze league crap.

At least they understand their fanbase.
Question: What is with the internet's love of hyperbole?

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#22
Xialoh posted...
Sword_Slasher posted...
Enjoy vayne a lot, play vayne a lot. Nerf justified.

Right. Caitlyn main confirmed.
Standby for original and insightful thoughts.

User Info: ShyGuySay

4 years ago#23
I always find these threads interesting considering that the average GFAQs user (myself included) realistically only know as much or less about the balance of the game than the people making the decisions. Every GFAQs user will be just as fast to yell "unjustified/unneeded," "now they'll be new/old x tier," and "they really needed it because x and y" while criticizing other people for doing the same exact thing.
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User Info: 0mola

4 years ago#24
Morello is like the ghostcrawler of riot. He needs to go

User Info: Keybored123

4 years ago#25
Im ok with nerfing vayne as long as they nerf caitlyn too

User Info: samuricex

4 years ago#26
SN0T_N0SED_GUD0 posted...


Goodbye Vayne mechanics. Because now you have to let people stick onto you in order to deal damage.
"Think you're a dragon slayer? Come here and try." -Shyvana

User Info: Ephidel

4 years ago#27
Somehow I knew this would be Morello saying something dumb before I even clicked it.
The time is out of joint. O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right!
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