Your best at each role?

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User Info: winadwaker

3 years ago#1
Which champ do you have the most experience with at each role? I think it would be interesting to see the most common chanps that pop up.

For me it is...
Top - Shen
Jungle - Volibear
Mid - Diana
Adc - Ashe
Support - Thresh

User Info: cobbil

3 years ago#2

Top - No one. i do too poorly in this lane.
Mid - Annie
Jungle - Hecarim
ADC - Caitlyn
Support - Leona

User Info: xSighx

3 years ago#3
Top: Riven
Mid: Zed
ADC: Cait or Corki
Support: Lulu
Jungle: n/a im plastin 9 at jungling

User Info: LinkinparkTNT

3 years ago#4
Jungle- My jungle may as well be called "Roaming Buff Delivery" but if I had to choose, Elise.
ADC- Ezreal
Support Thresh/Lulu

Sorry I couldn't really pick one for most roles, but I really enjoy trying to play more than one champion per role at a decent level, so as a result, I can't really say I spend the most time with only one.
Lol ign: xPsyD- Feel free to add me if you want, but be warned, I'm cardboard league material.

User Info: zombie13579

3 years ago#5
ADC - Caitlyn or Ashe
Support - Thresh or Janna
Jungle - Lee Sin or Shaco
Top - Lee sin
Mid - Lee sin or Zed
PSN: zombie13579 LoL ID: xZombie xD
Playing: UMvC3, Injustice, League of Legends

User Info: LimeInCoconut

3 years ago#6
Top - Riven/Karma/Aatrox

Mid - Zyra

ADC - Cait or Lucien

Jungle - Riven/Aatrox

Support - Veigar

User Info: FvP

3 years ago#7
FvP | falco_vs_peach | *^*"The Shinies" Member*^* | Adventure Time Member
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User Info: VicesLegacy

3 years ago#8
Top - Quinn
Mid - Ahri (But Ahri nerfs are scaring me so I May go Lux or Zyra)
Support - Sona, Lulu, or Janna
ADC - Miss Fortune

User Info: Klobzi

3 years ago#9
Top - Nasus
Jungle - Hecarim
Mid - Diana
ADC - Ashe
Support - Leona

Those are the champs I usually do well with although with some I have a pretty bad winrate.

User Info: JackDye

3 years ago#10

Top: Jayce
Jungle: Elise
Mid: Xerath
Adc: Twitch
Support: Nami
PSN: DYE1006
"When I go for a swim, I expect to get wet."
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