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User Info: Snaxamillion23

3 years ago#11
Voidgolem posted...
rage a lot, typically.

this, just experienced this in a game as ashe and there was nothing i could do because our team all built damage instead of tankiness so I couldn't farm with them trying to take it at the same time, and I couldn't go too far out to try and get farm because there was a fed ahri and riven on the other team

i was not a happy camper
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User Info: I_love_SunnyD

3 years ago#12
Master of Hate posted...
No, I mean we weren't there when they were coming; we'd back off.

The problem was that I was getting raged at for not warding the river... but we never got out past the river during the entirety of the laning phase. Then, when they finally did dive us, the ADC was raging that it was my fault because I hadn't warded the river (even though I DID ward our tribrush)

I find this hard to believe and it sounds like you're making excuses.

IF you can ward tri-bush you can get a ward into river. Maybe not in the ideal spot you would like it but some vision is better than no vision.
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User Info: MisterTellius

3 years ago#13
But warding the river can help scout for the dragon, potentially protect your mid, and let you know when those 4 man ganks are coming. And destroy other wards.
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