Jungle Teemo

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User Info: zhe_king_of_ape

3 years ago#1
It's viable yo
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User Info: Esumark

3 years ago#2
Why are there so many zeal items in that game?

User Info: ineedaname88

3 years ago#3
Vayne is a strong independant carry and don't need no damage.
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User Info: SexualPizza

3 years ago#4
Jungle is viable on nearly any champ, but doesn't mean it's good. I main Teemo, and jungling him is very risky as he's prone to counter jungling early on until he gets the items to 1v1; and if you don't have the right runes/masteries you'll be forced to b a lot.

It's one of those things that's nice to do every once in a while to switch things up, but with the horrible ganks and terrible early game clears it's more of something you'd want to run in a pub for ****s and giggles.

With that said, I will admit that once he gets some items his clears are actually pretty good and since he's such a good roamer it actually doesn't get that bad. Although I personally build jungle Teemo hybrid over AP with BotrK as core since so many junglers build health.

Funny you post this topic. Just had a match with jungle Teemo on enemy team. They didn't do so well, and it was easy countering him since I was Malphite, but you know. With all the assassin junglers nowadays it is indeed viable and even good vs certain matchups.
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User Info: Bhellium

3 years ago#5
real jungle teemos camp their red anyways
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