why are there no paraplegic champs

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User Info: IndianaJones65

4 years ago#1
i am paraplegia and this offends me
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User Info: SorrySleeping

4 years ago#2
Because they died trying to get to the league.
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User Info: Unit1027

4 years ago#3
(message deleted)

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#5
Unit1027 posted...
Standby for original and insightful thoughts.

User Info: Phase 8

Phase 8
4 years ago#6
Piltover Customs Blitzcrank is close enough, right?
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User Info: Snickers085

4 years ago#7
Corki. His chair is just cooler than yours.

User Info: dirtypie

4 years ago#8
Rumble....deadly wheelchair

User Info: JiminyTheDingo

4 years ago#9
Nocturne doesn't even have legs. I think he's got it a little worse than you.
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User Info: OnionOfMystery

4 years ago#10
Bhellium posted...
Unit1027 posted...
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