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User Info: Saint_Liam

4 years ago#1
I'm putting together a little 1 v 1 "tournament" for about 8-12 people and I was trying to think of which match-ups I could include that would showcase game skill more than match-up or specific character proficiency. As close to 5-5 as it can get. That being said, there are people who are significantly better than others and with this just being a friendly tournament, I would also like to hear suggestions for just some wonky match-ups that favor one side a bit more than the other.

I'm planning on having pool play of everyone playing everyone else 4-6 times to determine seeds and then have lower seeds pick the match-ups of the "knockout" games. Then, for people who "don't make it" I'll have just really oddball match-ups. It's just with over 13,000 possibilities, I know that I'll miss some obvious really good ones.

So, with that brief explanation. Give me your funky match-ups, or if you really want to think... Come up with some good 5-5 match-ups for me!


User Info: kainxkixir

4 years ago#2
ADC Support top and bot. Tank mid.
I am paranoid.
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