Nidalee huge nerf season 4?

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User Info: LightningXlll

4 years ago#31
Good. F*** that b**ch

User Info: MakJuss

4 years ago#32
ChocoboDreams posted...
It doesn't matter how much damage Nidalee's spears even do lategame, the argument is moot. Before her last nerf Nidalee actually had a place in teamfights, now she goes into catform and gets blown up immediately. The best Nidalee can do for her team lategame is control baron and dragon, which is very nice, but it does not mean she provides for teamfights.

Being AP bruiser , Nidalee can buy a lot dual AP+defense (ROA , Rylai , Liandry , Zhonya , IBG , Athene , Twin Shadow , Abyssal). If you get blownup immediately with that many defense item you can buy , please uninstall LOL.

User Info: xVSaNx

4 years ago#33
lotta rage in here over some guy that sounds like hes an 8 year old whose second language is english

User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#34
It wouldn't surprise me, she's starting to make a comeback and the issues that made her a problem before are still there. They need to rework her Q to make it more risky as it's far too low risk high reward at the moment. All Nidalee needs to win fights are her Qs since the second one lands it'll nearly always force someone to back. It's annoying to play against and it makes her very one dimensional.

Raise the cooldown and mana costs on her Spear significantly and perhaps distribute more power to her Cougar form so it isn't just used for clean up. She has too much power loaded into one ability and it throws her whole kit out of wack.
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User Info: LinkinparkTNT

4 years ago#35
ChocoboDreams posted...
Nidalee already got a huge nerf this season, they nerf her anymore and there'll literally be no reason to play her.

Sounds good to me!
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#36
And nothing of value was lost
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User Info: gkh5

4 years ago#37
Thank god. She's in that category of "fun to play as but absolutely anti-fun to play against."

I'd be fine with her spears if her cougar form wasn't also so damaging in addition to the mobility it gives. Or letting her have the cougar form stuff and making the spears less ridiculous.

Her traps also have a stupidly long duration for what they do.
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