Which champions tend to get Lichbane before other AP items?

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User Info: Thalandor46

3 years ago#31
Belligero posted...
I rush Lich Bane on Sona in ARAM.

Carries games.

But why LB when you can TF and carry harder?
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User Info: LightningXlll

3 years ago#32
Lulu sometimes.

User Info: Kirby_Guru

3 years ago#33
ccaad5 posted...
StrategyWikiped posted...
ccaad5 posted...
None. Zero. No casters should rush Lichbane before other AP items. It gimps the hell out of them.

Build it second if you have to, I don't care. Just get some real AP built first so you aren't useless.

Fizz speetsatchu.

No. Not even Fizz. If you don't already have a solid base of AP you are wasting Lichbane entirely.

Get Sheen early, fine. But then get AP. By the time you can afford a Lichbane out of Sheen, you can afford a Needlessly Large Rod and a Blasting Wand - get these instead. You outdamage Lichbane with this easily and that extra damage applies to every spell you cast instead of the occasional autoattack after some spells you cast.

Finish your Rabadons. Then get Lichbane. You'll thank me later.

Holy wow, the amount of wrong from this poster is crazy x_X
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User Info: JJrooot

3 years ago#34
TF i think..... MAYBE Gragas
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User Info: AtomZ_Fender77

3 years ago#35
I rush LB on Pantheon. Sectet OP.

User Info: Octans

3 years ago#36
why would you get a lichbane while your AD still eclipses your AP?
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User Info: Rookie_Jet

3 years ago#37
darkmoonbeam posted...
B01t posted...
ThyCorndog posted...
Metal_Gear_Link posted...
Why do people stiy say AP mids when Aps also go top and Assasins also go mid... does he imply Ap tops don't get lich bane?

ctrl+f mid
you're the only one mentioning mids


lmfao, indeed
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