Where did you end the season at and are you satisfied with it?

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User Info: PrizmSlash

3 years ago#1
Nobody should be fine with voting 1 - Results (280 votes)
Ended the Season Bronze and fine with it
4.64% (13 votes)
Ended the Season Bronze but wanted Silver or even Gold
8.93% (25 votes)
Ended the Season Silver and I'm happy
12.86% (36 votes)
Ended the Season Silver but wanted Gold at least, dat elise skin!
22.14% (62 votes)
Ended the Season Gold and Yay getting those rewards!
21.07% (59 votes)
Ended the Season Gold but wanted Platinum at least
9.29% (26 votes)
Ended the Season Platinum, yo I'm one of the better players out there!
5.71% (16 votes)
Ended the Season Platinum but wanted Diamond...
7.86% (22 votes)
Ended the Season Diamond and yes I'm one of the best!
3.93% (11 votes)
Ended the Season Diamond but going for High Diamond/semi-pro/challenger next season
3.57% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I myself ended the Season at Gold III having played just 100 ranked games. Maybe I could have made it to Plat but didn't want to do the Gold I grind.

User Info: Sweet_Talker

3 years ago#2
Ended at Gold. Completely satisfied as this is my first Moba and the first season of this game I've been involved in. Only been playing a few months now and happy with my progress.

Good friend used to be a top 5 DoTA player so I had some ideas of how to play and some good help learning. Feel like my ceiling can be much higher this upcoming season.
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User Info: Tekutso

3 years ago#3
Ended the season gold. It took me longer then it should have, I feel that in the last month or so my play has really improved quite a bit. If I had a week to grind I would have gotten plat, but I've only had enough time to play like an hour a day. My internet stopped working for a week too which sucked.

I'm confident I'll get diamond shortly into season 4. I'm not sure what snapped. Been playing for 2+ years and this past month or so my mechanics and decision making have been better then ever.
Only Kayle till Diamond Season 4
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User Info: muffinmasher

3 years ago#4
Ended unranked.
Your ratings systems can't contain my play style.
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User Info: Death_Spasm

3 years ago#5
Bronze baddie checking in
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User Info: Mr_Meez

3 years ago#6
Started playing about 3 months ago on a fresh account, hit 30, played a lot of ARAM to buy runes, did my placements, got placed Silver.

I'm happy enough, I'm still really new and have a lot to learn, next season will be better.
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User Info: Nowe242

3 years ago#7
Ended Gold, which is refreshing because going into placements I figured I would be high Bronze or low Silver at the most.
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User Info: AE_

3 years ago#8
started playing between 2-3 months ago, got to 30, placed silver and barelly touched ranked. After all i had read about elo hell and bronze being hard to climb from, i didn't expect to even skip bronze, so thats cool
3DS FC: 4957-2586-5832

User Info: Deanyzy

3 years ago#9
Diamond 4, I got carried there though as a side effect for helping a friend. I'll probably drop back to Platinum next season.
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User Info: Eclipse008

3 years ago#10
I ended season 4 drunk in South Korea and I am quite satisfied with the result.
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