sejuani, Vi and jarvans ulti as jungler, initiate or finisher?

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  3. sejuani, Vi and jarvans ulti as jungler, initiate or finisher?

User Info: mursama

4 years ago#1
just a question about using ultis in team fights as a jungler, for champ like malphite its very obvious his ulti is used for team initiation

how about junglers ulti like vi, jarvn and sejuani? their ulti seems like a finisher during the end of a team fight rather then opening up with them

whats your guys advice?

User Info: _RaveMaster_

4 years ago#2
so bad.

User Info: Knight_Of_Order

4 years ago#3
My advice is that you're awful for even making this topic, yep.
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User Info: Esumark

4 years ago#4
Vi and Sejuani are for initiating. Jarvan's ult is for dunking
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#5
you just described some of the best cc in the game as a finisher
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User Info: mursama

4 years ago#6
oh ok, thanks just started playing and level 9 now, thanks

User Info: mursama

4 years ago#7
i guess finisher wasnt the right word, i meant like when the team fight started all ready and locking down the champ rather then opening on them, if tht makes sense

User Info: Paddwig

4 years ago#8
Nothing like sniping my enemy with Sej's R.

Or dunking the Sona with 150 HP in the back line.

Vi's ult is unstoppable, so nothing will stop me from using it on the enemy jungle trying to escape over dragon wall. With Q on cooldown, that sweet 150g is just a Flash-R away.

GG Ults too stronk.
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User Info: Game Show

Game Show
4 years ago#9
Sej - initiate with R, or disengage
Vi - initiate if you have a clear advantage and/or you have somebody that will dive with you. If you have neither, you will likely end up just dying immediately
J4 - EQ knock up combo is your initiation, R is the follow up
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User Info: GForce9x

4 years ago#10
I main Sej jungle and it really depends on the situation. Very often I will try to use it to counter-initiate and/or disrupt, especially if I have a teammate who is also capable of initiating a teamfight. If both teams are on a standoff, it is very unlikely that initiating with her ult will catch a lot of targets (and most likely not any high priority ones).

The only exception is if I'm the only initiator on my team, in that case I would do something like dive in with my Q, let them all jump on me, and then flash out and pop my ult while they're still grouped up or something along those lines.

Other times I may save it as a peel for my adc/apc if the other team has someone who can quickly get behind the lines to them.

Like I said, it really depends on the situation, but I typically tend to use it to counter, disrupt or follow-up.
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