To me... Season 4 will suck.

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User Info: Mogu_Mogu

3 years ago#1
All the changes serve to do is dumb the game down more and makes it so anyone who is actually good will have a harder time winning the game.

In general, a nerf against stronger Korean/Chinese teams so baddies like NA can still lose lane and then come back and win in Season 4 worlds games.

Also, you can now no longer capitalize on your advantage to build a vision advantage. It'll be much more of a guesswork now and luck dependent when it comes to vision on the enemy team past the objective taking phases of the game. Solo queue will be even worse now and high level team games are going to turn into standstills until they can secure vision.

Overall, they're making the game so slow and stupid and allows it for even more people to derp around and win. Thought the throws and comebacks in bronze league were bad? Now enjoy it happening quite often as well in high level diamond play because you can't push your advantage for a win as easily now.

They think it's making the game more strategic and whatever? In fact, they're just dumbing it down to allow bad players to compete with better players and having good players work even harder to distinguish themselves from bad ones which will hit a ceiling earlier as there's only so much you can do now to secure a strong advantage.
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User Info: Dota2

3 years ago#2
To me... it doesn't matter that you think it will suck.

User Info: CheeseOmen

3 years ago#3
You mean as a game becomes exponentially more popular, the developers cater more towards the masses of casuals!???? That is blasphemy

User Info: Her_Paladin

3 years ago#4
You used the words "dumb" and "stupid" like 4 times lol

I like most of the S4 changes. But for you it sounds like it's time to switch games
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User Info: MegaSTV

3 years ago#5
Yeah, I liked it when u could accurately predict with a 80% certainty who would win a 30-40 minute game by the 10 minute mark.

Dat was cool.

In all seriousness. If you're truly better than the enemy team to the point where you can outplay them for 40 minutes straight, then it proves a lot more than you being able to beat them for 10 minutes and then holding onto the lead so they can't catch up.
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User Info: shrimp1992

3 years ago#6
The vision changes are good. Makes it not possible to just ward the entire map and make the games super boring. For once try are doing something dota style that I actually enjoy
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  3. To me... Season 4 will suck.

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