Unofficial Lv1 Pentakill Jynx at GPL Winter

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User Info: zerooriginal

4 years ago#1

She got a BF Sword! 8 Minute Infinity Edge with Boots!

User Info: kkeevv

4 years ago#2
"no one can really save jinx except for stand united from shen"

...what? Thresh Lantern, Ziggs positional bomb, Elise stun...seriously...
LoL - Tsarius Steam - kkeevv PSN - Tsari

User Info: hawkeye2188

4 years ago#3
The lack of excitement from the announcers/casters makes me disappointed that I plugged in my headphones.
GT: hawkeye2188

User Info: gvandale

4 years ago#4
Those announcers...
XBL: Darth Vandale, PSN: gvandale Gvandale#1921

User Info: Kurumiee

4 years ago#5
They look like as if they just reached puberty.
For the lazy people like me out there.
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User Info: sesshomaru_55

4 years ago#7
Horrible announcers. Are they nervous or something? So many mistakes. If you're going to be talking about what just happened in game, get it right. Lol
PSN/Gamertag - Tack06
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