What Supports are strong right now?

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User Info: RedRebel21

3 years ago#1
Ever since 3.14 patch i haven't been seeing very many "traditional" supports like Sona and Janna. I have been seeing Fiddle and Annie supports like crazy now. Are their any other supports that are now more viable after 3.14?
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User Info: iLikeQ

3 years ago#2
Taric received massive buffs to literally everything. His kit feels more fluid and you can build secondary tank and still do damage. I'm not much of a statistic person but before the patch he had a 50.5% win rate, but now its up around 54%. That should say something.

User Info: negative4

3 years ago#3
Anyone that isn't a traditional support. >_> They just have superior scaling with all this gold coming in.
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User Info: xDarknezzx

3 years ago#4
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User Info: breakfastramen

3 years ago#5
I've heard Leona is in a good place right now.

User Info: Reikken

3 years ago#6
Leona is a raid boss now
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User Info: R_Jackal

3 years ago#7
negative4 posted...
Anyone that isn't a traditional support. >_> They just have superior scaling with all this gold coming in.

Leona, Taric, and Soraka all have huge game-changing capabilities with their supposed "nerfs" now. Hell, Soraka basically makes bot lane immune to AD champions early game for the duration of her heal's buff, and makes diving ridiculously easy(Or run a kill lane with a bruiser/soraka bot. You can dive at level one and likely not even have to blow flash to live.)

Taric gives a large amount of Armor on an aura, Free AD/AP, and hell--any time a Thresh/Blitz accidentally hooked me when I played as him, they usually ended up getting them and their carry dead for their troubles. Especially if I was rocking IBG. Annie's pretty much the same way to me considering how adorably squishy she is, even after 6.

Leona is still Leona. Only she's infinitely tankier, and actually gets a boatload of cash if she's doing her job right. Mid/late game she almost feels like Rammus with DBC up, except her all her other moves have CC.

User Info: JDood

3 years ago#8
Just played LeBlanc and had a DFG by 20 minutes with me and the ADC having the relic shield. Proceeded to roam and one shot mid a few times and snowball the game. Was good fun!
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User Info: AE_

3 years ago#9
I'd say Leona Thresh as traditional supports. Sona is still quite strong. Her kit is just great. Non traditional supports are strong, like Annie and Zyra. I haven't tried taric or soraka yet.

I would disregard LeBlancs, and every other topic of people saying "X Y support is now viable". Those aren't supports, it's just a duo lane.
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User Info: EchoPianist

3 years ago#10
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