Nobody picks fun champs on all 4 one.

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  3. Nobody picks fun champs on all 4 one.

User Info: AIways

3 years ago#1
Nobody. Always Lux, Yi, and Heimer
Imagine if I tried.
(message deleted)

User Info: cubsnhawksfan77

3 years ago#3
yeah its disappointing because people seem to be more concerned with picking op champs in a mode that doesnt even track win/loss. i have to waddle around with malphite rolling rocks at people every other game because people cant get over the half second when you use his ult

User Info: jats605

3 years ago#4
I know.

Although I did have a game as Blitz in One for All the other night...
August 15th, 2013 -- The day the Mods went nuts

User Info: AgentReborn

3 years ago#5
I want to play J4 vs Darius and just dunk

User Info: Limecat

3 years ago#6
i mean lux seems like it'd be pretty fun

User Info: Babyrichy

3 years ago#7
I was in a gangplank vs pantheon game the other day. That was unfortunate.

User Info: Reikken

3 years ago#8
I KNOW dude. At first I was like "oh man this mode is gonna be awesome!" but then
"Somebody get me up so I can die fighting!"

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

3 years ago#9
i have seen 1 lux team in the last about 10 all for one games. and 1 heimerdinger.

both were on enemy team, and both lost lol
LoL summoner: Vejitables

User Info: Unit1027

3 years ago#10
All Zac with Revive and Guardian Angel
Try jiggling the handle :^)
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  3. Nobody picks fun champs on all 4 one.

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