Nobody picks fun champs on all 4 one.

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User Info: Enct

3 years ago#11
it needs to be random and each person should get 1 reroll that regenerates with games played, like aram (only much harder to get the roll back)

User Info: SalixDurkun

3 years ago#12
Syndra vs Kha'zix

Possibly the funnest game I ever had.
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User Info: ZhaRnotczar

3 years ago#13
I've only been playing custom games where we've all agreed on the champs beforehand or just agreed not to pick stupidly good champs for the game mode. Also, howling abyss is the superior map for one for all. I don't care about the laning phase, I just want chaotic 5v5 same champion madness out of one for all.

User Info: IceMan_128

3 years ago#14
Just won a 9 minute Sona vs Ez game. Easiest game I've ever played.
The problem here is, Darius bursts like Akali, takes damage like Nasus, and snowballs like Jesus Christ.
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User Info: EnglishLanguag

3 years ago#15
Played Nid once-WOn vs 5 Leona
Fought Nid...twice? Once as Heimerdinger(lost), once as Brand(won)
Played Lux once.Won vs Alistar
Played Teemo twice. Beat Karthus, got rekt by Nautilus.
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User Info: Lord_Fork

3 years ago#16
Play J4 vs Karth at Abyss. Best game ever, dunked em down then die to aoe lol
This but unironically.
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  3. Nobody picks fun champs on all 4 one.

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