__________ doesn't make sense

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User Info: Walker_Real

3 years ago#1
-Annie's bear stays in her hand when she ults

-Graves has two barrels. His Q shoots 3 lines. He never shoots 2.
God the Valiant

User Info: Metleon

3 years ago#2
Karthus's AA comes out of his shoulder.
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User Info: fallen_acolyte

3 years ago#3
--Nami is swimming without water
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User Info: Zeron RB

Zeron RB
3 years ago#4
Sanban nin tame kansei AW2 charenji, datte kan tame kansei AW2 no-sankyu-isei charenji naradeha nawatobi nin'i misshon.

User Info: bIuerain

3 years ago#5
how does Cassi turn Malphite to stone?
Funky Strong
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User Info: Purely_Luck

3 years ago#6
how does corki go faster with boots
how does teemo blind lee sin
how does taric resisit ezreal's charms
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User Info: the_rowan

3 years ago#7
Xerath is getting a kit remake before Sion.
Pros reported nothing wrong on the PBE for weeks but it took a few hours to break the game with mathematical proof after patch 3.14
Riot still hasn't done anything with the separate Adobe Air client other than some small performance tweaks

Oh, the funny ones.

Why is Blitzcrank affected by poison
Why does eating an orange remove every affliction known to mankind
Why does Endless Rage only last a few seconds
Why does a sword make the little fireballs Annie throws stronger, but not the big ones

and other questions with the answer "sensible game mechanics" or alternately "because you would all be whining about it if it was any different"

I'm bitter tonight, can you tell?
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User Info: natchu96

3 years ago#8
How does Zac stand?
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User Info: badownzu

3 years ago#9
How does Ignite hurt Brand

User Info: Walker_Real

3 years ago#10

Except all of yours are terribly stupid (duh boots affect corkis)

Mine are legitimate questions. Why doesn't grave have a triple barrel. Why doesn't annies design throw the bear.
God the Valiant
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