Call me a hipster, but the worst feeling is your favorite champion becoming FOTM

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  3. Call me a hipster, but the worst feeling is your favorite champion becoming FOTM

User Info: FreshSushi

3 years ago#11
Cho was good. Cho became popular. Cho gets nerfed. This happened throughout S1-S2, and you think the cycle will continue, but now that everyone and their mom has easy sustain/mobility I think Cho is just dead. Which is even more scary cause the last thing I want is VU that makes him some generic bs that's fotm.
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User Info: Burn-the-light

3 years ago#12
Makes me happy I don't often see much of Malzahar or Kayle. I wants them all to myselfs.
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User Info: justdontask

3 years ago#13
when i started, people claimed Shyvana was a terrible champion... since then, shes had 0 nerfs, and 0 buffs, and people think shes a very strong champion suddenly....

and now im sad :(
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User Info: MagiaIce

3 years ago#14
:( I played Shyv, Kha and Trynd before they became fotm, but doesn't really matter in the end. When they get nerfed once pros will claim them as "unviable" and sheep will stop playing them.
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User Info: Evilmonster

3 years ago#15
I started playing Eve Top before she got crazy popular as a mid pick. I tore up every single person, then she got nerfed.

User Info: steamwr4p

3 years ago#16
Deathx113 posted...
steamwr4p posted...
Deathx113 posted...
I'm just glad I've only seen like 4 Tryndameres and 3 other Vlad's lol.

I'm hoping they never become fotm.

thought trynd was played a'lot. I've seen him alot more recently than in the year and half i've played.

What rank are you? Or do you mean normals?

I'm in silver IV and I rarely ever see him. Maybe it's cause I first pick him alot lol..

I'm plat 1
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User Info: NATOaster

3 years ago#17
My first main was Rammus, I used to max Q on him because it was the funniest ability, he was like the guy from Crysis where he had all different forms
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User Info: Platinum_Edge

3 years ago#18
Kass and Fizz for me.

Kass' ban and pick rate were both really low before Worlds. Everyone forgot about him for pretty much the whole of S3. I was like "if I'm good with kass and fizz then at least if one gets banned I'll have the other".

Didn't see Fizz's popularity in Worlds coming. He had never been played in tournaments before and everyone said he was joke tier and not worth it at pro level. A pubstomper.

All of a sudden he's a top pick and his ban ran in ranked shoots up to 60% in ranked. Kass also rose to 90%. GG.

Yeah. Played a lot of jungle and ADC during that period.
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User Info: xngen

3 years ago#19're a hipster

User Info: MIG297

3 years ago#20
The thing that annoys me the most is just how much people exaggerate when a champ becomes fotm.

Like Shyv, she has some good matchups top lane and can be a bit of a pain in team fights but doesn't deal a great amount of damage to anyone but squishies.

Then she becomes fotm and she wins every match hard and is impossible to kill while dealing tons of damage to everyone and carrying hard.

And because of that she's going to get nerfed into oblivion when there's champs who deserve it much more.
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