Why some people take ARAM seriously?

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User Info: EDumey

3 years ago#11
Let me provide a small example.

I was playing with friends the other day and one of my friends rolled Darius. He finds Darius kind of boring other than the glorious dunks, so he decides to build glass cannon damage.

You know, that's fine. Perfectly reasonable for him to play a champion in a more enjoyable way in a game as silly as ARAM.

30 minutes later against their poke-centric team, we're losing fights because we have basically no initiation. Darius gets one Lux E and one Xerath Q and all of the sudden he's below half health, and pulling someone would be the death of him. We end up losing the game because we don't have a good answer to their poke.

Would a tanky Darius have won us that game? Honestly, probably not. We got out-comped pretty hard, and would still have been reliant on Darius cooldowns almost entirely to get a fight started. But we certainly would have had a better opportunity. And that feels pretty s***ty to lose a game and think, "We may have won if you just sucked it up and built properly."

But then I remind myself it's ARAM and I go onto the next game and have fun with that. THE POINT OF ALL THIS IS: I can see why people get s***ty when you're playing substandard in any type of mode. And just being in those shoes, that means that no matter how much I enjoy playing AP Tristana, if I see that we need an AD source of damage, I'll switch my runes/masteries and play ADC, no issue. Because winning is 9/10 times more fun than losing.

User Info: lightdragoon88

3 years ago#12
Dark Young Link posted...
Well it makes sense to want to win. I think the people acting like ARAM is ranked are dumb, but there's nothing wrong with saying "Hey, we need a tank otherwise we're going to lose".

Implying that making an attempt to win is playing "too seriously" or "trying to hard" is largely missing the point of.... everything.


In fact today in an ARAM match we got a kog and trist. I ask in champ select if they are going AP or AD so we know in advance. Kog said he will take AP and trist agreed and went AD. We ended up with a win around the 14 mins. because the enemy team couldn't get enough armor or mr to deal with those 2.
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User Info: LordClyde

3 years ago#13
My real question is,

Why the **** is there always one ***hole who doesn't click accept. Gotta wait 5 minutes in queue because someone decides to go afk.

These people should be 15-min banned from entering queue if they click deny or don't click anything at all.

User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
3 years ago#14
You can literally build anything in aram and win, it all depends on the team comp.

In your example, which has happened to me before, if i was the darius i would build a shred of mres/hp to at least survive something, but in my cases, which have been many, that one person thats been buttclenching the whole game because things aren't going his way would nag either way, that's the kind of person i'm angry at, not for him being right or wrong, it's the ****ing attitude they have in a joke mode.

It's the same people in normals that would blame their team regardless of his score, which is usually negative, i don't know what kind of sad person is sitting behind the screen spouting all that vile crap onto other random people, be from his side or the other side, but i sure hope that the system this game has to report such offenses actually worked, and it wasn't just whoever can get more reports in a single person regardless of why they should do it.
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User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
3 years ago#15
That's the thing though.

People who have no life will complain about anything. All you can do is ignore them, or mute them if ignoring their *****ing is too difficult. They may ruin one game of yours, but in the end they still have to be themselves, while you can just move on with the rest of the normal people.
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User Info: Soul Reaver4

Soul Reaver4
3 years ago#16
I play almost nothing but ARAMs anymore and I can't recall a single time where I've ever had someone on my team b****ing in the way you've described at any point in the hundreds of games I've played TC.

Maybe it has something to do with you?
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User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
3 years ago#17
Unless playing to win while having fun is the problem, i'm not sure, it's usually during weekends that this kind of crap happens, hence my liberal use of the term "kids"...
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User Info: frozen37flame

3 years ago#18
Why do some people take LoL or games in general seriously?
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User Info: Megeas

3 years ago#19
There may be a right and wrong way to handle things and communicate but lets face it. typing is limited which is why its easiest to resort to simple words and 1 liners. Hence manners go out the window.

That said why in the world is getting drunk and playing like crap applauded and trying to play well and win frowned upon especially in a team focused game? Wouldn't be the first time someone says something about their alcohol consumption first thing in game.

Obviously not just an issue with this game but I feel an issue with this game because its popular.

User Info: Habnot

3 years ago#20
Cookie Bag posted...
You can literally build anything in aram and win, it all depends on the team comp

like in any game mode in league, this is only true if your opponents are trash
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