I will predict your future

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User Info: Kurumiee

3 years ago#1
Day you were born / Champion involved:

1. Malzahar
2. Lux
3. Yasuo
4. Cho'Gath
5. Teemo
6. Zyra
7. Draven
8. Annie
9. Fiora
10. Taric
11. Elise
12. Lee Sin
13. Mordekaiser
14. Nautilus
15. Caitlyn
16. Kennen
17. Heimerdinger
18. Nami
19. Fizz
20. Lucian
21. Quinn
22. Urgot
23. Vayne
24. Ezreal
25. Rengar
26. Renekton
27. Malphite
28. Riven
29. Cassiopeia
30. Garen
31. Jinx

Month / Relation with champion:

1. Partners in crime.
2. The one I murdered.
3. Have a baby together.
4. The brother or sister my parents refused to tell you about.
5. Best friends for life.
6. In an abusive relationship (champion abuses you)
7, Had a drunk one night stand with.
8. Has a crazy obsession with me.
9. Business associates
10. Turns out to be your mother or father.
11. Annoying person always making fart noises when I'm sleeping and narrating everything I do.
12. Stole my bike.

Colour of my shirt / Most memorable about him or her

Blue: Enjoys embarrassing you (e.g. pull down pants in public)
Brown: Leaves the door open when (s)he is doing his/her duty.
Black: Hates you a lot
Cyan: Frequently eggs your house because (s)he's an ass
Gray: Does nothing but make a mess in your house and slack around
Green: Randomly appears uninvited in your house watching you sleep
Indigo: Is trying her best to make you happy and is either good or bad at it (depending on your relation)
Orange:Secretly in love with you / (in case love related): A great kisser.
Pink: Thinks you're attracted to the same gender. / (in case love related with the same gender): saw you with another man or woman
Purple: (S)He is always sad and left out because you never invite him or her along with whatever you're doing
Red: Has always had many plans to kill you, but would always fail.
White: Is happy to have you in his or her life and can't imagine it without you
Yellow: Steals all the beers in your fridge.

What is your future?

User Info: Kurumiee

3 years ago#2
I am business associates with Riven but she hates me a lot.

I hoped for something better :-(

User Info: gengarbot

3 years ago#3
Urgot is the brother my parents refused to tell me about that randomly appears uninvited in my house watching me sleep O_o

User Info: OxTailSafu

3 years ago#4
Partners in crime with Malphite. Too bad we never get anything done because he just wants to slack around in my house :(

User Info: Zanaki

3 years ago#5
Quinn, one night stand, likes to embrace my pantless self in public.

I'll take it.

Also, anyone else thing this topic was gonna be about rank after placements? >_>
Gfaqs where if you don't agree with the general consensus you are a salty troll.

User Info: Captain_Skank

3 years ago#6
Business partners with Quinn but she keeps embarrassing me in public.
Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!

User Info: Clairvoyent

3 years ago#7
Annie has a crazy obsession with me and appears uninvited in my house to watch me sleep.

Why do you do this TC?

User Info: anonymous46773

3 years ago#8

All things considered, I think I came out on top.
I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

User Info: fattonygambino

3 years ago#9
Whoever is Dec 20th wins
You shall henceforth be known as, The Mover of the Wind, Breath of Air, The Lightning Zephyr.
As dubbed by the Evil Dwarf atop the Wall

User Info: matrix0523

3 years ago#10
Business association with Malphite, but he hates me a lot.
IGN: Frank West
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