What do you do when your team is arguing late game and you want to win?

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  3. What do you do when your team is arguing late game and you want to win?

User Info: PielordX

3 years ago#1
How do you get them to focus up? I'm tired of bending over.
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User Info: AnimeDrew

3 years ago#2
Tell them to chill and focus and win the FN game.

User Info: Super_Game_guru

3 years ago#3
It really depends, if they are being really venomous with one another, then it is a lost cause.

On the other hand, if it is just people snipping at one another, then I find the best solution is to interject harshly, breaking them out of their cycle of attacking, and causing them to give victory one last shot.

Of all the games I have played where this situation has occured, about 2 in 3 of them ended up not only with the team finally co-operating, but actually seizing victory for our team.

The biggest thing to determine whether you have a chance to utilize this unfortunately, is for you to not be one of the targets of harassment, otherwise it is highly possible they will ignore you.
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User Info: IndianaJones65

3 years ago#4
"guys let's end quick i have to go to class/work/other excuse in 5 minutes"
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User Info: samuricex

3 years ago#5
I just follow aimlessly playing at 10% until we lose.
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User Info: thedarklordx3

3 years ago#6
it depends on what they're doing

if they're arguing but still fighting for victory then who cares

if they're arguing and about to throw, then you've gotta diffuse the situation

this is why i don't play team dependant roles, to prevent these sorts of things
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User Info: Voidgolem

3 years ago#7
Thresh Prince miracle hook penta.

unless we were way behind already in which case rage and then lose.
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  3. What do you do when your team is arguing late game and you want to win?

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