Which champion of the same sex would you sex?

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User Info: bIuerain

3 years ago#81
Eagles931 posted...
Xelltrix posted...
Debonair Jayce. mmm

this is the correct answer
Funky Strong
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User Info: frozen_flames

3 years ago#82
Aatrox, without a doubt.
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

3 years ago#83
All of them, twice. Then maybe Graves a third time.
Evelynn is my waifu.
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User Info: Master of Hate

Master of Hate
3 years ago#84
Obligatory Urgot post.
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User Info: rapacioushobo

3 years ago#85
This thread is full of win. Win and manly picnics.
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User Info: GooberSD

3 years ago#86

All day.

All night.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

I'm good with it all.

User Info: fft_ramza

3 years ago#87
Victorious Jarvan IV

He can E,Q me around all night long, Cataclysm me and then W all over my face.
LoL IGN: Rotgen

User Info: Nu13

3 years ago#88
Riven, just cause he's irresistible.
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User Info: supershadonic

3 years ago#89

Im a male. Ahri is a Fox not a Vixen.
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