Help me pick a new champion?

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User Info: KajeI

3 years ago#11
Coxydon posted...
KajeI posted...
Of the champions you play, what're your favorite thing(s) about them?

To be honest, with Singed I enjoy being able to do practically anything and come out Scot free and irritate my enemys, especially when I play with my friend that uses Zil, I can tank the enemy team for days.

Volibear is pretty similar in his not giving a **** attitude. Mundo is a cheaper option that also is rather similar in his ability to not care and go as he pleases.

Yorick I am really fond of the mechanics but I've only played him a little, I only really got him because I've always had a fascination with summoning things to fight for you, my role in most games I used to play.

Heimerdinger and his turrets might be something you enjoy. He was recently reworked and buffed, and even though he's not a top tier pick he's pretty good.

Lux is my other big pick, I play her mid and I just love her strong harrass and being able to completely throw off teams in late game teamfights, snare the adc let him get picked off, ult into all 5 of the enemy team and then just throw in the slow whilst armouring my team, I just love the versatility in her kit

Morgana is pretty similar to Lux kit wise. She doesn't burst as quickly as Lux (Lux bursts someone in like 3 seconds, Morg does it in 5) , but her damage is much higher. Morg's shield also negates CC while it's active, which is incredible. Maybe you'd enjoy Orianna as well, but she has a pretty good learning curve.
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3 years ago#12
silentfox4 posted...
Not to intrude on your topic but I had a question for others who are helping you...

Is Blitz a decent support pick at this time? I seem to pick him and have fairly good success so far. (Only level 13) Albeit, I have only really played 3-4 support games ever (and him as my only support) but I found it a fun change of pace to playing Renekton top.

If it matters or you just feel inclined to lolking me, SN: Davidr4.

Blitz is decent but nowhere near the best. There are many better options, such as Thresh. I think Blitz is more aggressive than Thresh, due to people practically being dead when you grab them, and that his pull is much better than Thresh's, but Thresh will surpass Blitz in every other way, so you are better off getting him if you want a support with a pull.

However, you should really try and play most of the supports and decide which one you prefer since they all have their own play-style.

If you do get Blitz, you will need to practice with your grab a lot as you will loose a lot of pressure when you miss with it. You could also just walk towards the enemy team when you have it up and it will most likely make them retreat.
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User Info: Pox

3 years ago#13
If you haven't already, buy all the 450 champs. Then pick up the best of the 1350 champs. You would be surprised how good some are and it's always a good idea to diversify your portfolio. If you want some strong champs then get Mundo (I would say Volibear since he's really fun, but Mundo is el cheapo), Kayle, Wukong, Lee Sin, Shyvanna, Ziggs (even after nerfs), Leona, Thresh, Annie, and there's more I can't think of. Most of those champs are expensive, besides Mundo and Annie who are highly recommended.
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