Most Selfish Champion

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User Info: Aglefed

3 years ago#21
Draven does it all... with STYLE.
But seriously, he's the only champion in the game who cares about actually getting the kill due to his passive. The 6 CS difference for an assist doesn't matter to any other champ in the game.

User Info: C104K3D

3 years ago#22
I'd say kat and yi are tied for #1.

Darius would be #2, because while he was meant to ks dunk, at least he brings being a tank to the table, kat and yi are just fat kids stealing candy from babies.

Support nid building pure dps is a close 3rd. At least with a ton of ap her heals rock, but when I get nid supports I'm generally leaning more towards dodging than playing it out.
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User Info: LordNobunaga

3 years ago#23
Karthus. His ult is designed to take kills from other players.
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User Info: RockchosN1

3 years ago#24
Master Yi. **** that guy

User Info: Bhellium

3 years ago#25
I never understand why people always accuse Darius of KSing.

I mean, old Darius, maybe, but his ult gets stronger the more damage he has dealt to them, and his very NATURE means he's going to be in the middle of the fight, and generally taking all the aggro.

On the other hand, I deliberately try to NOT take kills with it unless the fight NEEDS my reset, so idk.
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