Can't decide between 1 of these 3 skins.

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User Info: ShinyGroundon

3 years ago#1
I play both Renekton and Darius frequently.

Bioforge Darius
Scorched Earth Renekton
Pool Party Renekton
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User Info: Enclosure

3 years ago#2

User Info: toozolt

3 years ago#3
Pool Party.

IMO Darius has no skins better than his classic.
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User Info: Emoglobin

3 years ago#4
Scorched Earth is one of the best skins in the game.

Don't let these people troll you into buying Pool Party, besides the funny recall, it's a very mediocre skin.
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User Info: grand_commander

3 years ago#5
I gotta go with Scorched Earth Renekton on this one. Bioforge Darius is nice, but SER is just excellent.

User Info: poi____________

3 years ago#6
I like the white renekton the most, you should get that one.

User Info: CobraKingKiller

3 years ago#7
Scorched Earth Renekton. Pool party is eh in my opinion
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User Info: Xelltrix

3 years ago#8
Pool Party is so far ahead of the other skins it's not even funny.
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User Info: Glockass1

3 years ago#9
SER is better
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User Info: Elrick75

3 years ago#10
PPR, spam b and clicking
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