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User Info: Jordanmrocks

3 years ago#1
Hi there, so I am currently saving up for a new jungler. I have 3500 right now with an IP boost, I should have enough IP to get whoever I want after its done today, but I can only choose ONE

The junglers I currently main: Fiddlesticks, Olaf, Shyv and (very situationally) yi/xin

got to plat 3 S3 using mainly only fiddlesticks, udyr, hec but these ones don't work so well in the current season. I mean, they still are viable but for instance I feel I have a lot less confidence jungling fiddle cause of counter ganks and his recent nerfs

I love carry junglers, but I have never really mained a "true" counter jungler who is not afraid of every little move the enemy jungle does. I guess the closest would be Udyr and Olaf, where I find I stray away from my carry jungle playstyle and go more control jungle. I find my win rates are a little higher, my score may not be as flashy but I do not care about all that anymore

So I've boiled it down to four junglers: (The top ones at the moment)

- Lee Sin - Played a little and enjoyed. Grasp his moveset, my best friend mains him
- KhaZix - Completely wrecked on free week with him, was very fun but im hesitant they are going to see his power in jungle and tweak him to be more of a laner...
- Vi - The one I'm leaning to towards the moment.. has a little bit of everything and great ganks.
- Elise - Champ I know the least about. Never played, know her skillset, but she seems very intruiging

Any suggestions would be great!

User Info: Low_Elo_Scrub

3 years ago#2
Elise and Vi are very strong right now, since you hit plat in S3, you should have Elise anyways. My advice, once you get enough ip, get Vi and learn both of them. Godlike Controls:

User Info: HagenEx

3 years ago#3
Vi is super strong right now. Wukong and Elise are top picks as well. I would go with Vi, it's really hard to do bad with her, she has excellent CC and damage.

User Info: Tekunin

3 years ago#4
Kha'zix would probably the most fun, jump,kill,steal,jump,repeat.
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User Info: Monistic_Turtle

3 years ago#5
I main Vi and Rammus and I would definitely encourage you to pick up Vi if you're interested in her. Her ganks are great, you can build damage/tank hybrid, and I think she's a blast to play. Rammus doesn't really counter jungle, but his ganks are also amazing.

Elise is... well yeah she's good, but I personally could not get the hang of her. That's just me though, some people love her. And yeah, Wukong is amazing right now as well.

I also used to main Eve but now... ;___; I miss assassin Eve. Can't get used to not building her with tons of AP and melting people.
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User Info: flyguy101

3 years ago#6
I've played Wukong jungle twice recently, and I absolutely love it. You lose out on early ganking presence for GREAT counter ganking, good dueling, insane team fight presence, and the knowledge that you're making the Journey to the West!
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