Best Non-Asian Mid Laner?

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User Info: AgentReborn

3 years ago#11
Also, Froggen has been extremely overrated for like 2 years now

User Info: HagenEx

3 years ago#12
Alex Ich ftw.

User Info: BillyAssMannGun

3 years ago#13

User Info: MasterDarken

3 years ago#14
Karthus. Pretty sure he hails from the Shadow Isles, thus not Asian like Karma or Ahri.


User Info: aLINKinthechain

3 years ago#15
Gainazzo posted...
Bjergsen or Itch

This: watching Bjerg makes me feel like a giddy little child sometimes.
GT: thatKevinkid
the first man on the moon was soma, and he got there by yorick jumping.

User Info: OwlRammer

3 years ago#16
OwlRammer is

User Info: ShyGuySay

3 years ago#17
The Bjergerking.
Worst LoL Player NA.
Add me I'm bad. IGN: Shyguysay/Ritoplisnerf/Ritoplispatch
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