Best Annie and Ashe Skin?

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User Info: vetsniper22

3 years ago#1
I wanna buy an Annie Skin or an Ashe skin...which is the best of either? in your humble opinions
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User Info: thisisboris2

3 years ago#2
queen ash reverse annie
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User Info: Overclockd

3 years ago#3
Queen Ashe, Goth Annie

But honestly, you can't go wrong with either of those champs.

User Info: dotsdfe

3 years ago#4
Queen Ashe, and either Reverse or Panda Annie.
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User Info: Eushie_Moogle

3 years ago#5
I like Panda Annie and Woad Ashe the most.

User Info: Unit1027

3 years ago#6
Reverse annie

User Info: WaxierToast

3 years ago#7
Whichever ones you like the most

But for me, Amethyst Ashe, Goth Annie

User Info: TwoShensGG

3 years ago#8
Panda Annie and Amethyst Ashe

User Info: Chaotic Warrior

Chaotic Warrior
3 years ago#9
Reverse Annie is best Annie *Unless you want to use a custom skin then its teenage annie*

Amethyst Ashe is best Ashe skin, tho heartseeker comes in a close second.
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User Info: HagenEx

3 years ago#10
Panda Annie, Amethyst Ashe.
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