What are you playing now instead of League?

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User Info: darkwing1232

3 years ago#11
If only I could justify paying 40-60 dollars for a game when I can play LoL for free.

User Info: Dartkun

3 years ago#12
Why pay for a movie when I could watch reruns of the same TV show for free.

User Info: FreshSushi

3 years ago#13
Dark souls 2

I play Gouken, Chogath, Malz, Renek, Teeto, Rengar
Top 5: RE4, Dark Souls, Pokemon Yellow, MMBN3, Cave Story

User Info: ty199

3 years ago#14
Sly Cooper, all of them for old times sake!
One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god - Jean Rostand

User Info: Soraiku

3 years ago#15
Well, from that list, Pokemon I suppose. I'm advancing through it at a crawl.

User Info: Esumark

3 years ago#16
Global Offensive
Praise be to Helix

User Info: Undella_Town

3 years ago#17
http://i.imgur.com/iBSYNa9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/t9Wlgg4.jpg

User Info: Unit1027

3 years ago#18
300 Heroes

User Info: xVashTS98x

3 years ago#19
A combination of Pokemon Y and Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS.
Pokemon XY: 1864 9731 2390 -- VashTS
League of Legends -- VashTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I died for Sona. #SavingSona2013 -- http://i.imgur.com/jAFyH6h.gif

User Info: QuantumMechonis

3 years ago#20
Hmm Skyrim, Pokemon Zeta, Xenogears (once I get around to it, I keep telling myself to play it yet I just don't for some reason).
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