Why don't yal play "kickball"?

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User Info: happyscrub1

3 years ago#1
I use to lurk on the gamefaqs channel and it's always boring as hell. People barely talk and they rarely play against each other. And when they play with each other, they pick on noobs by going 4 premade in normal. (I did it with them a few times and went up against people not even lvl 30. I felt bad about it)

So how about kickball? It's something we called in arena in CoX(CoH/CoV). 2 random people get to be captains and they each pick members just like the pick and ban phase is in LoL (1-2-2-2-2...).

And people who didn't get picked are in the pool to be captains for the next game. It was the most fun pvp in that game I ever had. I'm passing the idea on to you boring people.

I'm down.. lets go.
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User Info: m0k3tal1ty

3 years ago#2
What I'm getting from this is that its just gamefaqs inhouses, and for those who don't know how those usually turn out:

1 or more people complain that the teams are stacked, then decide to just goof around and make everyone else mad.

some of the remaining people get mad at not being able to play w/e lane/role/champ they want, then do the same as the aforementioned people.

the few remaining people either do badly and get destroyed, and/or they end up raging at everyone else, then proceed to make a topic post game about it.

rinse and repeat ad nauseam
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User Info: xVashTS98x

3 years ago#3
I've seen people play "dodgeball" in the baron pit on Zekents stream, I believe. You just pick champs with a damaging skillshot, have everybody make a ward wall down the middle of baron pit to separate the teams, and then begin throwing skills out until 1 team is totally dead.

Looked like a lot of fun.
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