looking for a good Garen build

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User Info: Drowning__Fish_

3 years ago#1
Just started using him, and the only top lane champ I can't fight well against is Renek. He's so easy to pick up. I've been going for boots of lucidity, Thornmails, Randuin's Omens, Hydras, and whatever I feel like I need that game. I do pretty well with my builds, but I know they can get better.

What do you guys use/recommend?
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User Info: Bhellium

3 years ago#2


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User Info: AnimeDrew

3 years ago#3
Not using him! (Nawwwwe j/k) Hes a decent lane champ but doesnt bring much to team fights unless fed and builds crit damage and spam the hell out of your E. Always target adc in team fights and use ulti when you can. If your playing againts mages that you can get close too then your Q silence is key to victory. I tend to buy boots last as your Q is all you need until late game. First item I buy is bruitalizer for the damage, armor pen., and health. Then I build one tank item (usually something with health) then I buy all crit gear.

Then again if your the only tank on your team id buy nothing but hp/hp regen and build aegis. And not worry so much about damage or crit.

Only buy thornmail if your fighting againts a champ that uses a lot of reagular attacks (xin, tryn) if your fighting againts a champ that uses abilites thornmail is useless.

If you know all this already then the next time you ask a question be more specific :p
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