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User Info: Maniacaly_Sane

3 years ago#11
To be fair Darkwing.... Ganking a Heimer is really ****ing suicidal.

What you do is kill his turrets. If you have no ranged method of doing so, just afk farm lane. Heimer is a siege god, but as long as you dont enter his "zone" he cant really do much = P
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User Info: Clairvoyent

3 years ago#12
As Zed, just farm. When you want to set up for a gank, clear his turrets with your shurikens and call in the jungler. Because he pushes so hard, he's naturally an easy lane to gank so when you take away a few of his turrets, he's a sitting duck.

Don't ever dive him alone unless you have a lead or you're confident you can juke his grenade after you ult with some sick reflexes or something. If you ult on to him and he grenade stuns you and uses his ult turret, you lose the trade hard and sticking around means you're gonna die.

LeBlanc is kinda the same. Don't jump him without a lead unless he positions poorly or you're confident you can juke the grenade and make sure you a get a DFG. Once you start snowballing, you can pretty much kill him every time you see him.

The alternative is to use Gragas, Ziggs, or Syndra who have a much easier time against him.

User Info: shadyelf

3 years ago#13

User Info: Game Show

Game Show
3 years ago#14
General rule: Get in lane quickly. Don't let him set up turrets, even if that means not leashing for your jungler. His early game turret cool down is a very long 24 seconds, stopping his prep time will severely hurt his bullying power. Also, remind your jungler to smite a turret when going in to gank

As LB: Can you harass him with your combo? At least W in, Q, RQ, W out, no E since sticking around for the leash makes you vulnerable to his turrets. Dashing out should avoid his turret lasers, if not also his W and E skill shots

As Zed: How well does Zed's shurikens kill the turrets? The low cool down seems like it should handle them relatively well, but the energy cost might be prohibitive

Outside of that, learn Syndra, she is a very hard counter to Heimer. Ziggs' constant bomb barrage can also deal with him. Kayle could at the very least allow you to ult your jungler to stop his super turret's damage during ganks, although I'm not sure how well she does pre-6

I have theorized that Annie, Brand, Cassiopeia, Jayce, AP Sion, Swain, Talon, Vel'Koz, Veigar, Viktor, Xerath, and (post-6) Anivia are also decent-to-good counters to him, but I haven't had the chance to really test them out
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User Info: aHappySacka

3 years ago#15
Let him push the lane then get your jungler to help you kill him, if that doesn't work then farm all day.
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User Info: jjbigpoppa

3 years ago#16
Tbh. I give up on the laning phase when facing Heim and just deny him kills while relentlessly ganking bot post-6 to get fed.
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User Info: dotsdfe

3 years ago#17
As LB: Try to get in some hits when you can with your W to chip away at him then all in him at 6 and hope for the best. If he sets up his nest, you won't be able to all in him without risking death, especially if he gets an early Zhonya's.

As Zed: I've got nothing. Don't pick Zed into Heimer and don't pick Zed at all if Heimer isn't banned right now. Even trying to take out his turrets with shuriken, it will take 2 most of the time, which gives him more than enough time to get another turret and poke you back with missiles. Zed's all in against Heimer will kill him 90% of the time, which goes double if Heimer has a Zhonya's. Having laned against Zed as Heimer many times, and having seen Zeds on my team lane against Heimer, I really don't see why Zed can honestly do to him.
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User Info: SorrySleeping

3 years ago#18
I had fun as Swain facing him. I usually ran in with R up to destroy his turrets, keeping them down. Kept me a little low (anything other than full in laning after 6 is low for Swain) but made Jungler ganks a breeze since he only had to smite one to get it down.
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User Info: dennis941012

3 years ago#19
do not let him set up his stupid turrets
at level 6 burst him down
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User Info: MajinUltima

3 years ago#20
chobit_A5HL3Y posted...
_HeX posted...
Pick Syndra and throw his turrets somewhere where they are useless. Proceed to laugh.

that's pretty dirty to throw his own turrets at him lolz x]

--If you throw the turret at him, it's usually still in range to farm and fight. If you throw it way off to the side, it's entirely useless, but still counts against his max deployment. So throwing the NEWEST turret away means he actually has to make 2-3 new turrets before replacing that one. At low levels, the cooldown is long enough for you to really hurt his farming and safety a lot.

Morgana has a decent time as well, her W is strong enough to mostly kill turrets throughout the game, and large enough to his most of a minion wave while doing it. She has no real kill potential against him though, his damage is too stupid, but he can't do much against her either.

As for Zed, you're manaless, so you're clearly not spamming abilities like your shurikens and shadows through minions AND turrets often enough.
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