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User Info: Mario_VS_DK

3 years ago#11
Dartkun posted...
900 Elo Game - Alistar

Gangplanks Making Money

Turret Rush (Live Action)


League of Legends- Piltovers FINEST!

Scarra #1 Warder NA

Why Renekton is the Best Right Now.

Super Thresh

Meanwhile in Challenger

Oh piece of candy

Twerks of Valoran

Heimer Time!

Panic At the Nexus

I'll Quit LoL

Doublelift Man of Steel

Wuju Style Online

Doublelift Road to Sucess

pro as heck guide to master yi

League of Legend - Game of Inches

League of Legends - Stick Figure Spotlight

Stick Figure Spotlight 2 - Demacia vs Noxus

Stick Figure Spotlight 3 - The Twisted Treeline

Summoner Showdown 2 : Bottom Lane

Da Playz
League of Legends - Where Amazing Happens

Thresh Never Gonna Let You Down

Trick2g 1v2

Bunnyfufuu the Thresh God

Another Day in Korean Wood V

Flashing Malphite's ult can be a team bonding experience

Thresh and Ashe Big Plays

Malphite vs Lee Sin Nope

Typical Diamond 1 Lee Sin Escape

Udyr's Great Escape

The Full Revive Bungaloo


Reginald's TF FailLight Video - LCS Week 10 DIG vs TSM

Well that's probably enough

Edit: Bonus Video

Thank you for making my day at work a lot less boring.
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." -Bruce Lee
LoL: TyphlosionShiny

User Info: Dartkun

3 years ago#12
I just realized I screwed up one of my URLs and I can't edit the post anymore

Another Day in Korean Wood V
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