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User Info: profzX

3 years ago#51
This game should be a lot healthier now that leblanc is getting nerfed
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User Info: zappiest_kid

3 years ago#52
Voidgolem posted...
so how about that "hnur hnur winrate" argument, leblanc players?

and god damnit don't confuse the jungle cash with the 14 kills worth of cash that these "DPS oriented junglers" pick up, riot. Seriously.

She isn't op just rather toxic is design. She is frustrating to play against and even when a player does very well with her it is difficult to win the game due to her need to nuke someone or be completely useless. The probably will end up reworking her kit IMO. In her current state she is a frustrating champ and has a toxic gameplay system. I think they should focus on the illusion side of her gameplay and see what cool things the can come up with. Turn her from an assassin to something else we havent even though of maybe?
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User Info: AeternaNocturne

3 years ago#53
alphame4 posted...
I don't agree with the leblanc nerf. If you know proper spacing and ward consistently, you can survive through the laning phase.

After laning phase group up and it makes her job much harder. She is a very mechanical character: One mistake = she's dead if you're grouped up/have cc.

I guess that's why pros don't ever have any trouble with her.
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