who is your highest winrate champion? [ranked]

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  3. who is your highest winrate champion? [ranked]

User Info: cautionifeed

3 years ago#1
whats your win-loss and %

EDIT: WITH AT LEAST 10 GAMES or 9 i guess
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User Info: 04Dark

3 years ago#2
1-0 with Nasus, Jax, and Wukong.

Aside from people I've only played 1 game with, 8-1, Swain.
1/2 of my ranked losses this season has been with Swain. :'(
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User Info: linkinlogs117

3 years ago#3
66.3% (69-35) Kayle

User Info: ShyGuySay

3 years ago#4
I kind of avoid ranked and have less than 10 games with everyone but I want to post anyways.

Corki: 3-1 (75%)
Jax: 2-1 (66%)
Panth: 1-1 (50%)
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User Info: zefig

3 years ago#5
I don't have that many this season.

Last season I was 6-0 on Amumu, 10-4 (71%) on Janna.
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User Info: Grunt40

3 years ago#6
According to Lolking I was 9-2 (81.8% win rate) with Fiddlesticks last season. Thems is all jungle games
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3 years ago#7

User Info: Death_Spasm

3 years ago#8
Warwick 9-4, 69.2%
Nasus 8-4 66.7%
Taric 19-11, 63.3%
Tristana 16-11, 59.3%
Akali 76-54, 58.5%
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User Info: ObsceneGestures

3 years ago#9
Strange, I don't even like to ADC.

S3 - Sivir - 80% (12-3)
S4 - Draven - 70% (7-3)

Edit: I have a few higher win-rates, but I've played less than 10 games on them. 100% on Kayle and Ashe, 83.3% on Fizz.
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User Info: LimeInCoconut

3 years ago#10
Janna - 70% 7-3
Miss Fortune - 70% 7-3
Vi - 70% 7-3
Zyra 64% 16-9
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